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maxvinyl wrote in modattack
UPDATED FAQ FOR 2008 (refer to userinfo for link to faq from 2006):

Q: what is deadric?
A: maxi's future husband

Q: wtf is all this about sharks?
A: cocklover (locklover) is a goff fatty who loves sharks and gets mad whenever you say bad things about them. she has a new username which is overcomedespair and perfectly goff for her shark-loving self. be sure to badmouth sharks in her presence.

Q: I still don't get wtf a modattack is
A: that is irrelevant

Q: wtf is goff?
A: goff = goth in 'my immortal' speak

Q: what is 'my immortal'?
A: it is linked in the userinfo and it is required reading to become a modattack

Q: omg can I join~
A: OF COURSE YOU CAN but we might kick you right back out because we don't like lurkers

uh comment with other things that n00bs might need to know

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q: can i join the community
a: no

q: is melanie gay
a: yes

lol @ my immortal being required reading

and tbh your icon is v nice

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